Confirmation / Delegate Cancellation


  • An email confirmation will be sent to delegates.

  • Position in the webinar is not confirmed until fees are paid & registration is complete.

  • Non-attendance policy - if notification of inability to attend is received up to 2 weeks before the event, a full refund less $55 (inc. $5 GST) administration fee will be paid.

  • No refund will be available for notification of non-attendance less than 2 weeks before the event unless in exceptional circumstances.

  • Any outstanding payment / invoice for non-attending delegates (who have not advised of their non-attendance prior to the conference) must be paid in full post webinar.


Webinar cancellation / postponement


  • Minimum numbers are required for the webinar to proceed.

  • If the Webinar is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of the Registration Fees paid.

  • If the Webinar is postponed, you will receive a full refund of the Registration Fees paid or a credit for a future webinar.

  • Aged and Health Care Education may in unforeseen / exceptional circumstances need to change the date for the webinar.

  • Any questions regarding these or other associated matters, please be in contact.


Tax Deduction


  • If the registration fee is paid by an individual working in an appropriate setting, it may be claimed as a tax deduction.




  • Aged and Health Care Education will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the documented content is presented / speaker presents at the webinar. However, in the event of an unforeseen change in circumstance / withdrawal of a speaker, a suitable replacement speaker may be arranged.

  • Aged and Health Care Education also disclaims all liability from actions taken in response to information presented by speakers during the webinar.


Privacy Statement


  • By participating you agree to having the webinar recorded. This full recording will only be made available to registered delegates. Parts of the webinar not featuring delegates may be utilised for promotional purposes. 

  • Aged and Health Care Education is committed to respecting & protecting the privacy of all clients’ information. The collection, use, disclosure, maintenance, storage of & access to this information will, at all times, be carried out in a lawful, professional and ethical manner. Information about clients will not be disclosed without the permission of the client.