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We are pleased to present a range of online and live events each year for managers, nurses, health professionals, leisure/lifestyle staff, carers within the Health and Aged Care sector.

With all our webinars there is the option to have them presented exclusively for your organisation with the advertised content or a more tailored offering. Contact us, to discuss further.

Generous group discounts available if you register 5+ delegates to any of our webinars. For all enquiries, contact Wayne Woff, Senior Consultant, AHCE - 0422 484 209 / 

2 Day Live Event:

Clinical Care Aged Care Conference

August 14 & 15 2024

This conference is a valuable professional development opportunity for nursing and clinical care staff, emphasising commitment and competence. With a contemporary program, renowned presenters, a boutique trade display, and a focus on networking and recharge, this event is designed for delegates seeking to make a positive impact on people's lives. We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to this engaging and transformative experience.

Online Webinar:

Where words fail, music speaks - A Music Therapy Webinar

August 21 2024 0930-1230 AEST


Presented by Hayley Antipas - Director (Attuned Health), Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist 

Music can regulate mood, emotions, and behaviour; improve speech output, cognitive & physical functioning; enhance social connectedness and much more ... In this webinar, Hayley, a Registered & Neurologic Music Therapist will introduce key theories and music therapy principles/practices to ensure you understand why, how, when and what music to use as a health & wellbeing tool. 

Online Webinar:

"People" Centered Dementia Care

September 18 2024 0930-1230 AEST


Presented by Lisa Woodman - PhD, MMgt, MEd(Prof), GDip(Geront), BN, RN; Founder - Dementia with Dignity and Care

This webinar seeks to emphasise & explore the pivotal importance of people in the dementia care landscape. Policies, procedures, paperwork, standards .... play their role but it all starts with people. First & foremost the person living with dementia but let's also discuss family/friends, staff, medical / other health professionals & the community. With all these people working in partnership & with clear purpose, what can be achieved?

Online Webinar:

Activating your Community - a roadmap for success

October 23 2024 0930-1230 AEDT

Holding Hands

Presented by Jo Spence - Community Engagement & Volunteer Management, Yarrawonga Health

Aged Care Recreation / Lifestyle services are key to a person's quality of life. These services need to continue to evolve & improve to meet consumer & regulatory expectations. Resources (human & other) will continue to be a pivotal issue. This webinar aims to provide a roadmap to this improvement which is grounded in "Activating your Community" - recognising the need to have all the key people / organisations involved, invested & engaged. 

Online Webinar:

Clinical Deterioration in the Older Adult

November 13 2024 0930-1230 AEDT

carol douglas.jpeg

Presented by Carol Douglas - RN, MN, NP; Aged Care Consultant

This webinar delves into the importance of comprehensive clinical assessment, care planning, and communication to enhance health and quality of life. Through case studies, it illustrates the management of chronic health conditions prevalent in older adults, emphasising the need to prevent acute deterioration and emergency visits. Additionally, it explores Accreditation Standards, stressing the importance of personalised care and aligning treatment plans with individual preferences and goals.

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