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  1. Upon receipt of a Booking Form / appropriate notification and subsequent payment of specified fee/deposit a position in the Trade Display at the conference is confirmed.

  2. All displays must be erected & ready by 08:00 am on the first day of the Conference & removed from the conference venue by 4:00 pm on the last day of the Conference.

  3. Either installment payments or full payment are to be received as per the date stipulated on the relevant Tax Invoice. Failure to make this payment by the due date may, at the organiser’s discretion, result in the Trade Displayer’s booking being cancelled and monies already paid forfeited.

  4. In the event that a Trade Displayer cancels a booking, monies already paid will be forfeited (unless under exceptional circumstances where any refund will be at the sole discretion of the organiser - Aged and Health Care Education).

  5. In circumstances as described above in 4 & 5. Aged and Health Care Education is entitled to re- allocate or utilise the space in a way that it determines to be appropriate.

  6. Trade Displayers are required to provide Aged and Health Care Education prior to the commencement of the Conference with full details relating to their public liability insurance so as to satisfy Aged and Health Care Education that such cover meets the Trade Displayer’s obligations pursuant to this agreement.

  7. Trade Displayers acknowledge that they occupy the Expo area at their own risk & indemnify Aged and Health Care Education to the fullest extent permitted by law against any claims, demands, writs, actions, costs & damages.

  8. Trade Displayers bear full responsibility for the safety and integrity of products, equipment, information, and advice, and any items used for the Conference. Aged and Health Care Education bears no liability or responsibility for any damages or claim with respect to any act or omission on the part of any Trade Displayer. Insurance of Trade Displayers’ goods/equipment is the responsibility of individual Trade Displayer.

  9. Trade Displayers are to ensure that any products or equipment utilized at the Conference are in sound & safe working order & bear no risk to the venue or Aged and Health Care Education’s staff/contractors or Conference attendees. All electrical equipment must be tagged as electrically safe.

  10. Trade Displayers are to engage in activities at the Conference that are appropriate to the nature of the event, lawful & safe at all times. Aged and Health Care Education’s staff/contractors reserve the right to request the removal of material or the cessation of activities it considers to violate this condition.

  11. Trade Displayers are required to return the space & equipment (tables, chairs & other items provided as part of the display) utilized for the Conference in a condition similar to that which it was provided. Additional charges (at fair market rates) may be incurred for significant breaches of this condition.

  12. Trade Displayers are not to access the Conference venue at any times outside the agreed hours of access or to areas not part of the Conference without the prior consent of Aged and Health Care Education’s staff / contractors &/or venue staff.

  13. Trade Displayer's sites must remain fully “set up” with no material, posters, equipment or other items which constitute their fully “set up” exhibit removed prior to the end of lunch on the second day of the conference.

  14. The nature of the arrangements in relation to trade display costs is to be held in strictest confidence by both the Trade Displayer & Aged and Health Care Education.

  15. Trade Displayers agree that in entering into this agreement they have not relied on any claim or representation by Aged and Health Care Education and that the terms of this agreement constitute the total agreement between the parties.

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