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  1. Advertisers wholly indemnify Aged and Health Care Education (AHCE) against any claims, losses, damages or costs arising from the publication of any advertising material submitted by any advertiser to AHCE in relation to but not limited to defamation, breach of copyright or trademarks, trade practices, fair trading matters, privacy infringements and any other such matter or thing. In addition, advertisers warrant to AHCE that any advertising material so submitted will not in any way give rise to any claim against any advertiser or AHCE as a consequence of AHCE publishing any of the advertising material.

  2. Advertising material in every respect is subject to the approval of AHCE.

  3. The approval of any advertising material is not to be taken as acceptance by AHCE that the material does not breach any of the advertiser’s warranties as contained in Condition 1.

  4. The placing of any advertising material does not imply any endorsement by AHCE of the advertising material or of the advertiser or related products or services.

  5. Advertising material must be provided by the stated deadlines and in the appropriate format and size, otherwise the advertising material may not be published / emailed as booked / scheduled.

  6. The failure of AHCE to publish any advertising material shall not give rise to any claim for damages or compensation on the part of any advertiser and the advertiser hereby releases AHCE with respect to any such act or omission.

  7. Cancellation of any advertising material will only be accepted in writing.

  8. Advertisers agree that in entering into this agreement they have not relied on any claim or representation by AHCE and that the terms of this agreement constitute the total agreement between the parties.

  9. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure accuracy, AHCE cannot be held responsible for any errors, changes or omissions in any advertising material no matter howsoever occurring. The advertisers agree to make no claim with respect to any such matter and release AHCE with respect thereto. The responsibility for the accuracy & presentation of the ad rests solely with the advertiser.

  10. The nature of the arrangements in relation to advertising costs is to be held in strictest confidence by both the advertiser & AHCE.

  11. The Advertising invoice payment must be made by the due date. Failure to make payment by the due date may jeopardise the publishing / emailing of the advertisement.

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